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Since a #1 NewYork bestseller book called “Wonderstruck” by Brian Selznick has been flying off the shelves and its new release movie are playing at many theatres all over North America, the spotlight is currently bringing American Sign Language the attention it deserves. BCSD wishes to jump on the wagon and promote the exciting news to its students to inspire enriched reading and encourage aspiration.

There’s Millicent “Millie” Simmonds, a major young Deaf talent playing as Rose, who tells us in a video produced by Sorenson VRS about how her fame came about through the support of her signing community, especially her loving family. Because of her family’s support and love, through ASL communication, Millie was able to reach her full potential. Her Deaf community provided her opportunities to shine and her goal is to inspire and empower other Deaf children to reach for the stars and fulfill their own goals. In this video the family and the actress are interviewed, and they open up about their experiences, how communication with every family member breaks Millie’s isolation and has allowed her to develop fully and be successful in her life.

BCSD kindly encourages parents and families to watch the video on YouTube and be wonderstruck!

You Tube Video

For more information about the Wonderstruck book, you can explore their website at wonderstruckthebook.com and the movie trailer at https://youtu.be/hMljHyrfXQ4.

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